Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Teeh whitening is a modern method of aesthetic dentistry and helps you get a whitish and healthy smile.

Teeth whitening at dental clinic

Teeth whitening is usually performed on two or three visits to the clinic that last about 30 minutes each. Good teeth cleaning and polishing is done, while existing teardones and damaged seals are replaced. Each visit records the hue of the patient’s teeth so that the patient can control the difference at the end of the treatment.

Teeth whitening at home

As far as home whitening is concerned, the dentist takes fingerprints from the patient’s teeth so that special personalized soft splints can be made. During the second session, the narthex is checked if it is properly applied to the mouth, while the dentist gives instructions for the use of the bleaching agent in conjunction with the narthex. You will need to wear the splint or during the whole night or two hours during the day depending on the material to be used. The whole procedure usually lasts two weeks and you should visit the dentist every week to check the result.